Sunday, November 30, 2008

Candles & Confiture : Made in France

Holiday artisanal candles from the Respire Collection are not only a hot gift, but they are also a cool one.  These hand-poured, highly scented organic soy wax candles, are perfectly green. Scents range from Vanilla Whisper, Ginger Fig, Coco-Manago to Cucumber & Melon and holiday favorites like Jack Frost and Chestnusts & Brown Sugar.  Lalande Digital Art Press Paris printed up several hundred lables for Respire for the holiday season. Visit this innovative Paris-based company on the Internet here.

Feeling spicy?  Try another Lalande client's holiday fare: Paulette's confiture. Melon, mango, lemon and kiwi are just a few among the offerings of Paulette's jams. Artisanal jams, made in France, are direct from Paulette's pantry.  Check them out.  E mail: paulettespantry at yahoo dot fr.

Lalande produces customized labels – etiquettes en français – for a range of clients. Cost-effective, lables are printed in full color on "sticky paper," cut to size and always made to order. If you're thinking of putting your name on something, think about making colorful, eye catching labels.  Send us a simple PDF with the image, indicate the crop marks and we print and cut and deliver in no time.  Get in touch.  We're always happy to talk with you about your projects, no matter how big or small.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cartes de Noël! Christmas & Holiday Cards 2009

Cartes de Noël. Christmas Cards.  Votre choix. Your choice.  Envoyez-nous vos designs en PDF. Send us your designs as a PDF.  Faites vous-mêmes vos cartes de saison et cartes de voeux.  Make your own holiday and New Year's cards.

Contactez nous: Holiday Cards 2009!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bestest Christmas Gift: The ABC Book For Kids

MISTER ROSE'S ABC BOOK is back! The hit book and video has been republished with a new cover for Christmas 2008. Full color, saddled stitched, the ABC Book is for kids of all ages and replete with the funny stories of Karl the curious kitten, Nero the most nervous nail and Romney's rain among other wonderfully nutty and deliriously delightful characters.  Each book is meticulously printed on thick recycled paper (keep our world green) and signed by MISTER ROSE himself.

Well's AMAZING and not expensive at ALL! And B the BOOK is only 10 euros, plus postage. And C... MISTER ROSE'S ABC BOOK is ready for CHRISTMAS.  We will send your ABC anywhere in the world. (Pay with PayPal. It's EASY).  

LALANDE DIGITAL ART PRESS PARIS is taking orders now!  So avoid the Christmas rush and save a buck. Teach your kids to read even if your kids are Chinese or Russian or French or German or Italian or Brazilian or from Spain!  And once you have MISTER ROSE'S ABC BOOK, you can read along with MISTER ROSE on his YouTube Video
CLICK HERE : TO ORDER YOUR OWN SIGNED COPY (or your own many copies) of MISTER ROSE'S ABC BOOK. Get 10 of them and spread them around to all your friends and your friends' kids and your kid's friends.  

Want to offer MISTER ROSE'S ABC BOOK in your boutique or bookstore? Well, we do that too!  

Deborah Katz : French Design

Graphiste/illustratrice (spécialisée print) depuis 6 ans, Deborah Katz est actuellement responsable artistique au sein d'Arumtec, une société de conseil. Parallèlement, Déborah exécute des missions en tant que freelance depuis 1 an. Lalande Digital Press Paris a travaillé depuis trois ans avec Deborah pour une gamme de projets, y compris livres, affiches, cartes et plusiers supports graphiques et publicitaires.

Son travail s'articule autour de plusieurs techniques de conception graphique (dessin, peinture, photographie et outils informatiques) pour la réalisation de chartes graphiques, de supports de communication, ou bien encore pour la création de visuels événementiels.

Quelques références :Arumtec, 45 Babylone, Jironimo, La Cave des Papilles, (voir en bas l'affiche pour le Beaujolais Nouveau). Book en ligne ici.

Polyvalente, Déborah à récemment lancé une ligne d'ArtToyz et de Peluches réalisés à la main, en éditions limitées : les "ZigoMaticks." Vous pouvez les découvrir ici.

Lalande Digital Press Paris is happy to work with all designers in making their projects not only beautiful but cost-effective. We love working with creatives like Deborah, it keeps us both interesting and fascinated by the evolution of print and digital offset printing. Get in touch.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Le Beaujolais Nouveau A La Cave Des Papilles

Vous aimez le Beaujolais Nouveau? Ou bien la fête autour du vin?  Voilà! Le 20 novembre venez à La Cave Des Papilles 35 Rue Daguerre 75014 pour les deux! 

Belle affiche, design Deborah Katz (imprimée par Lalande Digital Art Press) pour notre cave preferée. La Cave Des Papilles est specialiste du vin au naturel. 

Clickez sur l'image pour l'agrandir. 

Perdu? Allez: Metro Denfert Rochereau. (Lignes 6 ou 4) et marchezvers l'ouest sur la Rue Daguerre.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Steve Wells Takes On 2009 With Limited Edition Polaroid Calendar

"I was looking for an original way to say thank you and happy Christmas to my clients," said Paris-based New Zealand photographer, Steve Wells. "So I created a limited edition 'polaroid' calendar." 

Wells has curated years of his work for striking effect. April is a pile up of mannequins, July is an intimate kiss, while other months are exquisite fashion (semi) nudes and sleek architecture. The polaroid design, a salut to the "good old days" of analog photography in today's modern digital world. The calendar is perforated at the top so each month is peeled off and the image ready to post. April is called 'instinct' and represents a moment when instinct prevailed; taking a certain path through the streets of Paris, Steve stumbled upon this collection of headless mannequins, and creating one of his most talked about images. 

The project represents a broad spectrum of Steve's photographic work, from fashion and beauty to film stills, product shots and art pieces, with each photo a significant moment in Steve's photographic journey. While the calendars are destined for his clients, Steve is offering a limited number to the public. Each calendar is only 10 euros (plus 2 euros for postage). Contact him via his web site. See his VRV Gallery Page and Interview here.

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris helped Steve with the format and execution. Interested in producing a 2009 calendar for your clients or friends? Get in touch for a free estimate.

Monday, November 17, 2008


This afternoon at 2 PM I received a call from Jean-Louis Cléret, the business director at SIS LIVE, a high-end UK-based tech company with the largest satellite uplink and Outside Broadcast provider in Europe. A trade fair at Longschamps in Paris meant putting up their signature image in the booth. Men jumping from airplanes. These days, that's pretty much the picture of the global business environment. But Jean-Louis didn't have one in Paris.

"How big?" I asked. "One by two meters? Oh, yeah.  I need it by 7 PM." Working with a PDF e-mailed from London, Lalande Wizard Robert Ruscoe rapidly printed out the enormous banner on fire-proof Tyvek, punched holes into the edges of the banner, added grummets and sent it over. By 6 PM. Not real time but with a little time to spare.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yao Lu Wins 2008 BMW - Paris Photo Prize

Image: © Yao Lu. "New Landscape Part I – Ancient Spring Time Fey," 2006. 
Courtesy of 798 Photo Gallery, Beijing.

Chinese photographer, Yao Lu has won the 2008 BMW - Paris Photo Prize for contemporary photography. The award was announced at Paris Photo, which just launched at the Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris. Paris Photo 2008 runs from 13 - 16 November.

Yao Lu's prize is worth 12,000 EUR ($15,000).

Born in 1967 in Beijing, the Chinese artist Yao Lu, represented by 798 Photo Gallery in Beijing, is the fifth winner of this major international award, after Czech artist Jitka Hanzlova in 2007, French artist Mathieu Bernard-Reymond in 2006, American artist Anthony Goicolea in 2005 and the Switzerland's Jules Spinatsch in 2004.

The winning work "Yao Lu's landscape part I – Ancient Spring Time Fey, 2006" is part of a series of digitally manipulated images of landscapes. The artist photographs mounds of garbage covered in green protective nets which he assembles and reworks by computer to create bucolic images of mountain landscapes shrouded in the mist inspired by traditional Chinese paintings. Lying somewhere between painting and photography, between the past and the present, Yao Lu's work speaks of the radical mutations affecting nature in China as is it subjected to rampant urbanization and the ecological threats that endanger the environment. The theme for BMW's 2008 photo prize was "Never Stand Still" in relation with the new BMW 7 Series.

Yao Lu is an emerging Chinese artist and teacher at the photography of department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. His work has been shown in numerous festivals and collective exhibitions around China (Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2007, New China Occidentalism – China Contemporary Art in Beijing in 2006, Pingyao International Photography Festival in 2004). But his work has rarely been shown in the West, except at the Fotofest International Houston in 2008, and at the "Space and Transportation" exhibition in Graz, Austria, in 1997.

Short-listed artists exhibited at Paris Photo: Jeff Brouws (Robert Klein Gallery), Andrew Bush (Rose Gallery), Clark & Pougnaud (Galerie Baudoin Lebon), Gerardo Custance (Polaris), J.H. Engström (VU' la Galerie), Martine Fougeron (Esther Woerdehoff Galerie), Nobuhiro Fukui (Tomio Koyama Gallery), Jim Goldberg (Magnum Gallery), Dionisio Gonzalez (Max Estrella), Miyako Ishiuchi (Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo), Syoin Kajii (Foil Gallery), Atta Kim (Keumsan Gallery), Ken Kitano (MEM Gallery), Janne Lehtinen (Taik Gallery), Yao Lu (798 Photo Gallery), Akira Mitamura (The Third Gallery Aya), Keisuke Shirota (Base Gallery), Yuki Tawada, (Taro Nasu), Nao Tsuda (Hiromi Yoshii), Ofer Wolberger (Michael Hoppen Gallery).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fran Bull Etchings & Ink Drawings

Fran Bull, an American artist with an arsenal of talents, regularly produces intriguing prints in Barcelona. A lot of them, like this gem, an etching in red produced in 2007. (Click to enlarge). This work, entitled "The Keys Have Bled Their Rust," is one of a series from "Season of Bones."

A longtime friend of Lalande Digital Art Press Paris, Fran Bull is one of those artists who is always producing great art whether works on paper, paintings, sculpture, drawings or helping others put their art into the world – whether in film, books or in her sumptuous gallery in Vermont. (I was lucky enough to exhibit there in the summer of 2007). 

If you happen to be in or around Vermont this weekend, take a look at Fran Bull's current exhibition: Ink on Paper at Liza Meyers Gallery in Brandon, Vermont. (Click image to enlarge).

In the 1970s, Fran was known for her photorealist works, exhibiting widely throughout the United States and Europe. She's since left realism for an art that to her is truer and more challenging. You'll be amazed at the virtuosity of this American great. Visit Fran Bull's art on the internet. Also, see her Vermont gallery, Gallery In The Field online. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

President Barack Obama

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris congratulates Barack Obama on his successful presidential run. We salute America's 44th president, and hope his leadership ushers in a true global coming together. We note with interest: No candidate at anytime has made better use of photons (over atoms) than Barack Obama. Image here from the victory speech at Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois. More images from around the world: Time Magazine.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rock Poet Duo At Librairie Apsara

Steve Dalachinsky jouent le rock n roll de poesie à Librairie Apsara.  Quand? Mercredi, le 12 novembre à 20h30 (entrée 5 euros). Où? 44 rue Daguerre 75014 Paris. 

Diriger par Stephane Guyader, La Librarie Apsara, bonne ami de Lalande Digital Art Press Paris et bookstore très cool, offre le public une programmation de concerts très peu connues à Paris. C'est à dire: exceptionelle.

The poems of Steve Dalachinsky will take you on a wild ride of meaning and symbol, Steve dalachinsky is a piece of abstract  art showing you the author's mastery with every stroke. 

Steve's poems are visually fascinating and lyrically intense, and his subjects veer madly and fearlessly between the political and the personal, in a way that allows us to see that there is no difference between the arenas. Steven Dalachinsky was born in Brooklyn, New York sometime after the last Big War and before lots of useless little wars...he has been writing poetry since before then and has always...he is basically self-taught...his great loves and influences are the Beats, Blake, Kafka, Camus, Harpo, surreal and abstract painting and music......especially jazz and so-called "Avant Guarde" or "FREE" jazz.

Né en 1946 dans le quartier de Brooklyn, à New York, Steve vit toujours à New York City. Co-organisateur du Festival Vision, toujours à New-York, c’est un poète de la scène downtown new-yorkaise, activement acteur de la scène free jazz et de la creative music. Poète jetant des mots dans la musique jazz (on parle de « spoken words »), parce qu’il se dit aspiré par l’inconnu, aimant tisser les rythmes pour qu’émerge une littérature, héritier des poèmes bop de Jack Kerouac. « Je veux être considéré comme un poète de jazz… », clamait celui-ci dans Mexico City Blues.

Né à Bordeaux en 1971,
Didier Lasserre débute l’instrument à l'âge de seize ans, pour tenter de vivre "autre chose." Travaille essentiellement en autodidacte afin de trouver sa propre voix; enseigne la batterie (Centre d’Improvisation Libre, Bordeaux, 2003); dirige des ateliers d'improvisation et des master-classes (AsproJazz / Jazz en Franche-Comté); et travaille avec la peinture, la poésie, la danse, le super8, la photographie. Outre ses projets actuels, il a joué aussi en concert avec entre autres Paul Rogers, Frédéric Blondy, Barre Phillips, Ernest Dawkins, Jean-François Pauvros, Kent Carter, Bertrand Denzler, Bertrand Gauguet, Assif Tsahar, Ronnie Lynn Patterson, Bobby Few, Steve Beresford, Urs Leimgruber, Phil Wachsmann, Roy Campbell et Benjamin Duboc.  Don't miss it!

Librairie Apsara 44, rue Daguerre 75014 Paris. Métro: Denfert-Rochereau (lignes 4 & 6). Tél : 01 42 79 96 16