Friday, October 5, 2007

La Saison 2008: A La Carte

Put it on a card: Cartes de voeux, Christmas cards, seasonal notes.

Lalande Digital Art Press designed this special "Frogland" card for the year end card frenzy. Perfect for your company's best wishes, or your family's cards to anyone anywhere for 2008. Our cards can be personalized with your name and special message, or carry your company logo and address.

If you have your own photo, drawing or design, we can print those too, incorporating all your elements into an original card that will wow your friends and family. Say a photo of your house or your family along the Seine, the view from your rooftop, or your kids sporting the tri-colors...or even your kids' drawings. Let people know you take the Season seriously! Quantities: Minimum 25. Contact Lalande for prices and details. Let the season begin!

Pour votre cartes de voeux, clickez ici maintenant: Contact Lalande.

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