Monday, November 17, 2008


This afternoon at 2 PM I received a call from Jean-Louis Cléret, the business director at SIS LIVE, a high-end UK-based tech company with the largest satellite uplink and Outside Broadcast provider in Europe. A trade fair at Longschamps in Paris meant putting up their signature image in the booth. Men jumping from airplanes. These days, that's pretty much the picture of the global business environment. But Jean-Louis didn't have one in Paris.

"How big?" I asked. "One by two meters? Oh, yeah.  I need it by 7 PM." Working with a PDF e-mailed from London, Lalande Wizard Robert Ruscoe rapidly printed out the enormous banner on fire-proof Tyvek, punched holes into the edges of the banner, added grummets and sent it over. By 6 PM. Not real time but with a little time to spare.

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