Saturday, December 20, 2008

Impossible Possibilities: 2009 Calendar (Free!)

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris is looking forward to another interesting year, and so we thought we'd offer you an interesting digital gift : Impossible Possibilities, a free, downloadable calendar you can print out at home – wherever that may be in the world.

The calendar comes with a cover and back page, and 12 surreal months (in French) illustrated with the surreal art work of Matthew Rose.  Simply download the file (it's only 6 mb), print out on your home printer, cut the pages using the crop mark guides, staple up on top and tack to the wall. Interested? Hey, it's free. C'est gratuit! 


Lalande Digital Art Press will print these calendars to order.  Each is printed on 300 gram true card, in quadri-color, shrink-wrapped and signed by the artist.  For one: 12 euros.  For 10, 10 euros each. For orders of 50 or more contact us for prices. We are happy to work with retailers, boutiques and businesses anywhere on the planet. We can produce custom designed calendars, or customize Impossible Possibilities for your company. We will print your company logo on the cover. Or if you'd like to make a dozen or so using your own photographs or art work, we can help you with that, as well.

If you are interested in producing your own calendars, or you're a designer working on calendar projects for your client, we are very happy to work with you to print the best looking calendar possible.  We can print up to A3-plus sizes, or as small as post card sizes.  Use your imagination and we'll help you put your ideas into print. Contact us for quantities and prices.  In the meantime, many thanks to our existing and future clients...and enjoy Impossible Possibilities 2009 – sure to make for a very happy and surreal New Year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Max Mulhern : American in London

London-based American artist Max Mulhern (and Lalande Digital Art Press client) is busy making pedestals these days when he is not writing for the formidable ART BLOG, Roberta Fallon and Libby Rossof's amazing art world net.  Max has produced a Duchampian boxed set of his pedestals (the Swiss pedestal unfolds like the famous army knife), with which he walks around London Town showing dealers.  He unveiled them in Philadelphia to Libby and Roberta (click here to read). 

"I've also made hundreds of drawings that reinvent the idea of sailing, floating and moving over water," says Mulhern.  "It's the narrative arc of my life as I become a boat."  In his studio there are text pieces like "FLOAT," and others of wood bits and people floating. 

The current project is to decapitate sculpture in a friendly and compelling way by pushing forward with the full range of possible pedestals, perhaps producing a functioning chess set or offering boxed sets. The idea behind the pedestals is a thrilling mixed metaphor about art and what keeps it afloat.

Ricardo Bloch : Maison Française

Ricardo's Lifescape books are featured in the January issue of Maison Française magazine. Please click on the image to enlarge it.  Lalande Digital Art Press works very closely with Ricardo for his custom made portraits of homes.  The books are full color, perfect bound and printed in quantities from 2 to 200.

Want to give a gift that will be unforgettable? A complete portrait of your house from the point of view of an artist-photographer.  Get in contact with Ricardo.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dog Art For The Holidays

Moira McLaughlin digs her dogs, and she's put together a range of dog art works for the holidays on her site, Dog Art Today. Here you will find a playful doggy bag, if you will, filled with delightful dauchshunds, dalmations and more of her dream dog art favorites.  Like what?  Like this sculpture, above, made entirely out of crayolas. It's not digital but we love it. "The Yellow Lab Crayon Dog sculpture by Herb Williams made of Crayolas," writes Moira. "OK, it's $18,000, but it's brilliant and it smells like your childhood.  From Vivre."

Check out Moira's online catalog and blog : Dream Dogs Art.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lait de Lune : Lancement A Paris

Un cabinet de generosités, Lait de Lune, boutique nouvelle à Paris, lance samedi, le 13 décembre au 48 rue Chapon, 75003. Vernissage: 15H00 - 19H00!

"C'est une galerie d'art qui melange les objets de jeunes artistes et les objets on a trouvé partout," explique Deborah Zafman, galerieste. Zafman qui vient d'ouvrir une autre galerie d'art – Galerie Deborah Zafman - le laboratoire des suppositions, à coté au 3-5 passage des gravilliers – voulait donner quelque chose nouveau à ce quartier dans le Marais. "On a rencontré tellement d'artistes qui font des oeuvres on peut pas mettre dans la grande galerie – des éditions, des livres, les petits collages à des prix également interessants – et Lait de Lune nous permet de faire un vrai cabinet de generosités." 

Dirigé par Alexandra Conn, de Los Angeles, (à gauche, en bas) propose une programme de performances, leçons en sushi, et lectures. Venez samedi le 13 pour "tea time" vernissage vers 15h00.
Lalande Digital Art Press a – depuis longtemps – travaillé avec Deborah Zafman en fabricant ses cartons d'invitations, cartes de visites, brochures, catalogs et tirages numériques, éditions limitées. Pour Lait de Lune, on a imprimé les cartes postales et contribué son logo – A Perfect Friend – pour le branding.

LAIT DE LUNE Cabinet de Generosités. 48, Rue Chapon 75003 Paris, France Tél:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Johanna Halford : Christmas Card Design 2009

Put a partridge in your pear tree if you have one. Or get one. But in the meantime, enjoy this new Christmas - New Year's 2009 card design by Paris-based artist, Johanna Halford.

The card is a folded A4, color throughout. A simple elegant design that will travel throughout Europe and the US to the artist's friends and family.

And while you're here, take a look at Johanna's web site and see her current projects and exhibitions.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Le Chien : A Perfect Friend & A Perfect Gift

Seule exemplaire, epreuve d'artiste, de serie A Perfect Friend par Matthew Rose. Ce chien en habits du 17eme siècle, impression numèrique, signé et daté 2003 a été expose en France et partout aux Etats-Unis. Taille: 76 x 56 cm. Papier genre Canson/Arches, ph neutre (archival). A vendre : 250 euros. PayPal accepté. Parfait pour un cadeau de noël. Contactez LALANDE DIGITAL ART PRESS maintenant. Commandez en cliquant ici: A PERFECT FRIEND PRINT.

New Year, New Friends! Les Zigomaticks sont de retour!

Pour les fêtes ou la nouvelle année.... Une nouvelle idée… ? Vous pouvez, vous même, inventer le thème de votre Zigo à adopter. Pirate, fée, Albinos….Il suffit de demander.  A venir : la nouvelle Collec' de la rentrée.

Le Zigomaticks par Deborah Katz, artiste et grand ami de Lalande Digital Art Press Paris, sont faites pour vous, par commande. Visitez le site Zigomaticks.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cartes de Voeux 2009

Cherchez vous des images pour vos cartes de voeux 2009? Quelques designs de cartes de voeux à votre choix pour 2009. Les designs et images sont à votre disposition pour vos cartes! [Click sur l'image pour l'agrandir. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE]. Lalande Digital Art Press peut vous faire vos cartes pour 2008 avec votre message. Choisir parmi ces designs-ci, ou nous envoyer le votre (soit photo, dessin, texte, etc.) en PDF. L'image de votre choix sur la couverture, carte fermé, taille A5, ou bien comme carte postale, couleur recto, noir et blanc verso; papier 250 grammes ou bien recyclé, ou d'autres. Contactez-nous pour toutes informations : CARTES DE VOEUX 2009.
Lalande Digital Art Press Paris is happy to work with you on custom-designed New Year's cards. Or personalized calendars! Choose among these images, or send us yours and your texts. Questions? Give us a shout... oh, and PayPal accepted!

Art & Design © Matthew Rose 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Encore Les Cartes de Noel, New Years 2009

Cherchez les images pour vos cartes de Noel? Voici une gamme des images de Matthew Rose si vous imprimez avec Lalande Digital Art Press Paris. Regardez les autres dans la serie A Perfect Friend... C'est simple. Faites vous-même votre propre carte ou indiquez l'image, la taille, message, quantité et passez nous un e mail: at gmail dot com. Facile.

Un cadeau extraordinare? Les cartes de visites ou cartes postales avec l'image de vos amis! Cartes de visites: 1000 pour 90 euros (ht); cartes postales 500 pour 100 euros (ht).