Saturday, December 29, 2007

Imprimez Vos Cartes de Voeux & New Year's Cards 2008

Bienvenue et Bonne Année. Lalande Digital Art Press est votre imprimeur au coeur de Paris. Mais, on est un peu different – comme nos designs et notre accueil. Français/anglais, on est artistes qui travail avec l'artiste en vous. Bienvenue.

Voici un nouveau design pour nos Cartes de Voeux/New Year's Cards for 2008. If you are interested in this image for your Carte de Voeux/New Year's Card, contactez-nous pour toutes informations, devis, nos modes d'impressions, quantités. On est pret de tavailler avec vous ou votre societé pour fabriquer vos belles cartes.  Question? Demandez-nous, c'est gratuit: CARTES DE VOEUX 2008. Si le lien ne marche pas, faites : mistahrose at yahoo dot com. Click image to enlarge full screen.

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris is happy to work with you on your custom-designed New Year's cards. Choose among these images, or send us yours (photos, collages, paintings, drawings, and your texts). We can print 25, 50, 75, 100 or more cards for you. High quality, beautiful cards. Inexpensive and expertly printed, we work closely with you to make the best impression for the the new year...for your family, your company or your store. Questions? Give us a shout... oh, and PayPal accepted! Just ask and CLICK : I WANT TO PRINT MY NEW YEARS CARDS 2008 If the link isn't working : mistahrose at yahoo dot com.

Art & Design © Matthew Rose 2008

Monday, December 24, 2007

Carte de Voeux & New Year's Cards 2008

Quelques designs de cartes de voeux à votre choix pour 2008. [Click sur l'image pour l'agrandir. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE]. Lalande Digital Art Press peut vous faire vos cartes pour 2008 avec votre message. Choisir parmi ces designs-ci, ou nous envoyer le votre (soit photo, dessin, texte, etc.) en PDF. L'image de votre choix sur la couverture, carte fermé, taille A5, ou bien comme carte postale, couleur recto, noir et blanc verso; papier 250 grammes ou bien recyclé, ou d'autres. Contactez-nous pour toutes informations : CARTES DE VOEUX 2008

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris is happy to work with you on custom-designed New Year's cards. Choose among these images, or send us yours and your texts. Questions? Give us a shout... oh, and PayPal accepted!

Art & Design © Matthew Rose 2008

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Susie Hollands, director and owner of Bonapart Consulting, a Paris-based real estate consultancy, commissioned Oxford, UK artist Joanna Walsh to create this dynamic carte de voeux for 2008. Hollands, who also founded the artist network, I V Y paris, a global coalition of some 400 visual artists who sometimes all converge on Paris for exhibitions and gatherings, has created a flourishing business and a vibrant community of aesthetically-minded shakers and movers. "This year, 2007, was our best year ever," she says, "and we wanted a card that communicates our enthusiasm for Paris, the art of real estate, and our belief that art is an integral part of our lives here – as is the Bon Marché!"

Joanna Walsh, was more than happy to contribute her exceptional talents to both Bonapart and ivy paris. Her illustrations which often focus on fashion and culture capture the speed and humor of Paris street bustle in this piece. "Susie is quite special and the reason why both Bonapart – I'm a client! – and ivy paris –I'm a member! – are so successful. This was a very cool project. I also think I did a good job on Sarkozy!" [See if you can find the French President in the crowd]. Joanna is currently writing and illustrating a book about Paris.

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris works with artists and companies like Bonapart and I V Y paris to produce custom-designed communications all year round. Whether they are cartes de voeux (New Year's cards), posters, books, catalogs or large and small format limited edition prints, Lalande works very closely with clients to provide a unique service in the heart of Paris. Contact us for your cartes de voeux and New Year's cards.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mister Rose's ABC : A Little Book For Little People

Learning your ABCs will never be the same, according to Mr. Rose. Mister Rose's ABC : A Little Book For Little People (10 €) has just been published by Lalande Digital Art Press Paris.

No time to read through this post? OK: GIMME MY COPY NOW OF MISTER ROSE'S ABC, or heck, several copies, E-MAIL : MISTER ROSE'S ABC.
The 32-page, full-color book features original gouache paintings and poetic tongue-twisters that follow the alphabet from Arnold the annoying Airplane to (tough and dumb) Luck to Nero the Nail (he lives in a wall in Mister Rose's house) to the yackety Ying-Yangs and finally, Zoe the zaftig Zebra. [CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE AND READ].  SEE THE VIDEO!

Saddle-stitched and impeccably printed by digital master, Robert Ruscoe at Lalande, Mister Rose's ABC is really a book for kids of all ages, a perfect cadeau de Noël, New Year's, birthday or everyday gift for children or friends. Read the press from Moira McLaughlin's lovely Dog Art Today.

"Parents will have an enjoyable time reading this to their toddlers and trying to figure out why Ditzy, the deaf-as-a-door knob dog, is always digging and dancing," says Ruscoe who has two little boys. "My favorite is Nero the Nail, or maybe Romney's Rain – "Hey! Don't Complain!"

The play of words and images is typical of the artist's imagination, which is pleasantly skewed towards the impossible and the poetic. "W" is Wally Water, he writes. "Wally is originally from Wabash." Nero the nail "lives in my house," he explains. Karl, his kitten, "computes with a flute." Parents will have quite a time explaining where Wabash is and how you compute with musical instruments.

"It's the kind of kid's book," says the author's father, Irving, "that will probably drive parents crazy attempting to explain the strange words and weird and funny situations. And hey, I know! He's my son!"

[Stephane Guyader (below) who runs the baba cool bookstore, Apsara, on 44 rue Daguerre (75014), has a few copies for retail sale.]

Matthew Rose is an American artist and writer based in Paris, France. He exhibits his collages, text works, paintings and objects throughout the US and Europe. This is his first published children's book. To see more of his work, click : Collage By Matthew Rose.

The ABC, published in English, is specially-priced for web sales at only 10 € each (plus 2 € postage for France and Europe; 3 € postage for the US). Ordering is easy: Checks (in €uros or US$) or PayPal accepted. Bulk orders (10 - 49) are 7,50 €; orders of 50 or more 5 € each. If you like, the author will sign and dedicate the books if you are giving them as a gift to someone little or even someone big. We'll send out the books via priority mail.

TO PURCHASE A COPY OF MISTER ROSE'S ABC, or heck, several copies, E-MAIL :  MISTER ROSE'S ABC. [If mail link is not working, e-mail : mistahrose at yahoo dot com].

E-mail us to find out how you can produce your own books.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

La Carte de Noël : Christmas Cards 2007-2008

Votre Carte de Noël est une photo, dessin, collage, peinture...? Vous avez un message pour vos amis pour 2008? Vous voulez imprimez vite, et envoyer vos cartes cette semaine? Quelque chose osé? Vous et Lindsay Lohan à Utah? Conservateur? Vous devant votre Cezanne? On est là ! Même un tirage enorme de votre amour! Allez: Envoyez-nous un PDF et on imprimerai toute de suite... depechez vous... Your custom-designed holiday cards, prints, carte de voeux (New Year's cards)... Contactez LALANDE et on peut commencer toute de suite.


Carte pliée (15 x 21 cm fermé). Couleur recto/verso, pliée. Imprimée sur Trucard 300 grammes.

10 ex 25 € ...
20 ex 40 € ...
30 ex 55 € ...
40 ex 70 € ...
50 ex 85 €
100 ex 120 €

CLICK ICI : CARTES NOEL et CARTES DE VOEUX 2008 et on peut commencer toute de suite!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Keep Calm For Christmas

This Christmas, Keep cool by visiting KEEP CALM. Run by a "skeleton staff of two" – Lucas and Hayley – Keep Calm is the celebrated web gallery offering inexpensive silkscreened and digital prints by artists from the UK and Europe.  The site's design choices have been featured in a dozen print and web zines for their quality and quirkiness.

Keep Calm has just offered two prints by Matthew Rose and printed by Lalande Digital Art Press Paris. "Days Like These" (pictured, right) and "Immaculate Perception," are offered in a limited edition of 21, signed, numbered and dated by the artist on 100 percent cotton (Lyson) 350 gram acid free fine art paper. These works are based upon collages by the artist. Each print measures 42 cm x 30 cm. Price is £35 plus postage, exclusively from Keep Calm.

"These prints are typical of Matthew’s works, lifting elements from one source and layering it with another," says Lucas. "Largely influenced by Joseph Cornell, Jasper Johns, Ray Johnson and others, Matthew Rose gets more out of a piece of found or discolored paper with each succeeding work."

Keep Calm features works by Douglas Wilson, Alyson Fox, Jillian Ditner, Jason Synder, Jacob Arden McClure as well as Lucas and Hayley (left). Works are inexpensive but beautifully produced.

Keep Calm was established way back in February 2007 by Lucas and Hayley. Keep Calm offers high quality prints and other bits and pieces. Many products are screen printed by hand. Royal Mail permitting, prints will arrive in perfect condition. If this isn’t the case Keep Calm will replace it! Prints are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and sent in extremely durable mailing tubes. They ship anywhere! For UK orders, prints are sent via next-day Special Delivery. For international orders prints are sent via International signed-for air mail.

Keep Calm was recently featured on Design Sponge and Poppy Talk as well as other design and art sites.

Want to know anything else? Please e-mail Lucas or Hayley by clicking here :  KEEP CALM.