Thursday, November 6, 2008

President Barack Obama

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris congratulates Barack Obama on his successful presidential run. We salute America's 44th president, and hope his leadership ushers in a true global coming together. We note with interest: No candidate at anytime has made better use of photons (over atoms) than Barack Obama. Image here from the victory speech at Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois. More images from around the world: Time Magazine.

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Waiting for the polls to close

To the daughter, born in the late eighties
who voted with me this early morning, her
first election, and now, this evening, several
states away, watching the returns at a
neighborhood bar with the rest of
New York City and even the world, know

You have done your part, you have been
the best that this country has to offer,
the lightness of your step, the voice, the
smile gently wagging at the corners of your
mouth. You have born us again, those of us
who’ve lived to see trust wither and our
once-bright eyes grow milky with doubt,
carrying in your own the conscience of
a nation, the purity of its intentions, the
humble faith, and in one bold stroke
of the pen you have made for the rest of us
a world more decent, more pure, more
humble than any of us had the heart
to re-imagine.