Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Steve Wells Takes On 2009 With Limited Edition Polaroid Calendar

"I was looking for an original way to say thank you and happy Christmas to my clients," said Paris-based New Zealand photographer, Steve Wells. "So I created a limited edition 'polaroid' calendar." 

Wells has curated years of his work for striking effect. April is a pile up of mannequins, July is an intimate kiss, while other months are exquisite fashion (semi) nudes and sleek architecture. The polaroid design, a salut to the "good old days" of analog photography in today's modern digital world. The calendar is perforated at the top so each month is peeled off and the image ready to post. April is called 'instinct' and represents a moment when instinct prevailed; taking a certain path through the streets of Paris, Steve stumbled upon this collection of headless mannequins, and creating one of his most talked about images. 

The project represents a broad spectrum of Steve's photographic work, from fashion and beauty to film stills, product shots and art pieces, with each photo a significant moment in Steve's photographic journey. While the calendars are destined for his clients, Steve is offering a limited number to the public. Each calendar is only 10 euros (plus 2 euros for postage). Contact him via his web site. See his VRV Gallery Page and Interview here.

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris helped Steve with the format and execution. Interested in producing a 2009 calendar for your clients or friends? Get in touch for a free estimate.

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