Wednesday, September 24, 2008


THE END OF THE WORLD, A3-plus sized poster, produced for Matthew Rose's exhibition at Wm Turner Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, is available for free, high resolution download (PDF). Lalande Digital Art Press Paris produced 100 posters that were offered signed and dated for the exhibition that opened on 18 September and runs through 15 October in David Turner's new museum-sized art space at The Stove Works in Atlanta.

Matthew Rose's THE END OF THE WORLD includes prints, drawings, collages on canvas and paper as well as terribly unusual objects, like the signed, dated and numbered edition of 39 "trap souris" in red, white and blue and a smaller edition in gold. Each is only $99 (US). Visit Wm Turner Gallery on the web.

If you'd like your own signed and dated poster, you can order one for only 15 euros, plus 3 euros postage (PayPal). E mail: MATTHEW.ROSE.PARIS at gmail dot com.

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