Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The 7th Annual Dormouse Conference Paris!

We wager you've never really considered where the Woodland Dormouse sleeps.  Yes, the Graphiurus Murinus, does like his/her nestbox as illustrated here in this 100 x 70 cm poster we printed for Emmanuel Dolinhsan for the 7th Annual Conference on the... you guessed it, the incredibly adorable and extremely industrious Dormouse.  The job, a rush rush production for a presentation at the Paris Conference was delivered at the client's hotel in Paris.  How did Emmanuel find us?  He Googled: English-language Printer in Paris.

A nice note from Emmanuel followed delivery: "Dear Robert and Matthew... Thanks a lot! We received the poster and are very satisfied. The service you provide is so convenient ! Keep up the good work. For once it feels good to be a client !

Kind regards, Emmanuel"

It is a pleasure to work with people who want to work with you. Giving a presentation in Paris this Fall?  Get in touch!

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among found objects said...

Thanks for the enlightenment. I was planning on looking for nestbox after the housing crisis is over and this just confirms that I should do it in the winter when there are more vacancies.