Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Robert Ruscoe: Lalande Wizard

Robert Ruscoe, my friend and partner at Lalande, is an Englishman who crossed the Channel to France some 25 years ago "to work on his French, make art, make a fortune and drink better wine."

He's done all of those and at the same time has become a master digital printer, ad proofer, photo retoucher and has made more than 1000 highly detailed rubber stamps. We first exhibited together in Paris Mail Art in 2003, a show curated by Christian Balmier, and have been friends ever since and partners soon thereafter.

There's very little Robert doesn't know how to do with a computer or a computer file, and more importantly, turning those computer files which confound all of us, into valuable printed material. I've never seen anyone work a Quark layout as fast as he does. He's an expert on the Xerox, the Konica Business Hub and the two Epson inkjet printers. And Robert is going nuts these days making books on a new machine he picked up that binds and glues (hard or soft cover) books of all sizes, shapes and flavors. He produced a wedding book (for himself) and just published a dozen copies of a 48-page book about his Spring trip to Venice. I'm still waiting for my copy.

This portrait (above) of Robert at the studio in the 15th is by Lalande client, the Paris-based Dutch photographer, Jeremy Stigter.

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absolutely impressive and enticing!