Thursday, July 12, 2007

Christian Xatrec's Signs

Frenchman Christian Xatrec is the Fluxus-inspired artist who spun the EXIT sign around to read EXIST. He loves signs and is happiest when he makes his own. We asked Christian, who is still making his art as well as working as vice president of the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice and New York, if he would permit us to produce an inkjet print with one of his pieces, both as a way to create a portfolio of fine art digital prints for Lalande, and to see how he would react to the piece produced large, in color on 300 gram Arches paper. The above print from 2004 measures almost a meter square. Entitled "Danger: dangers," Xatrec's pyramid of caution in red and black with splashes of green and yellow serves as a maddening lexicon of where to go and how to get there. A great piece, we think, pointing us, at least, in the right direction.


Journée de la femme said...

super intelligent ... merci encore

Anonymous said...

dear christian xatrec,
YOU ARE ART DIRECTOR, are not you?