Thursday, December 18, 2008

Max Mulhern : American in London

London-based American artist Max Mulhern (and Lalande Digital Art Press client) is busy making pedestals these days when he is not writing for the formidable ART BLOG, Roberta Fallon and Libby Rossof's amazing art world net.  Max has produced a Duchampian boxed set of his pedestals (the Swiss pedestal unfolds like the famous army knife), with which he walks around London Town showing dealers.  He unveiled them in Philadelphia to Libby and Roberta (click here to read). 

"I've also made hundreds of drawings that reinvent the idea of sailing, floating and moving over water," says Mulhern.  "It's the narrative arc of my life as I become a boat."  In his studio there are text pieces like "FLOAT," and others of wood bits and people floating. 

The current project is to decapitate sculpture in a friendly and compelling way by pushing forward with the full range of possible pedestals, perhaps producing a functioning chess set or offering boxed sets. The idea behind the pedestals is a thrilling mixed metaphor about art and what keeps it afloat.

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