Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Conference in Paris: English Language Printer

Chris Campbell, Channel Sales Manager – North America for dotMobi (mTLD Top Level Domain Ltd.) had a conference in Paris at the Le Méridien Montparnasse and wrote Lalande Digital Press Paris in a bit of a panic: "I'm in need of additional business cards... can you help me out?" Within an hour, around midnight, a PDF was produced and was printed. By the time Chris, who works out of Oregon, arrived at his hotel he was ready to network, his cards in hand. "It was outstanding! Thanks so much for the fast reply and quick, expert service. Fantastic to find an English language printer in Paris," he wrote.

Then, Kelly Hardy, a journalist who works with Marksmen, Inc. in Glendale, California, wrote us at 1 am on Saturday night. She, too, needed cards. We e mailed back and forth (she was staying at the Le Concorde Montparnasse, next to the conference center at the Meridien), and assembled the graphic elements, produced a PDF for her approval and by 2:30 am Saturday night she knew she'd be ready to roll by Monday morning. "You saved my life," she said. Not really, but unlike many service businesses in Paris, we really do not close. We're always open.

Heading to Paris for a conference? Why bother lugging 50 kilos of books, catalogs, banners and flyers? Send us your PDFs, we'll print your material here in Paris, and deliver it all to your hotel or conference center. All you have to do is open the boxes. The savings in air transport are considerable. Plus, we speak your language: Business.

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