Saturday, April 12, 2008

Space Exploration: CSIS

Space and time, thanks to Einstein, has been inextricably linked. But the connection is complex and there's an endless (human) need for explication and education about exploring these bedfellows. Lalande Digital Press Paris helped in its way working with the Washington D.C. group, Center for Strategic and International Studies.

We received an urgent e-mail message from Ryan Faith at CSIS about an international meeting to be held in Paris in late March. CSIS required 100 copies of a 24-page book for the meeting. "Could it be delivered in three days?" he asked? Yes, we could and did (actually two days). Files were transferred and Lalande Wizard Robert Ruscoe worked late into the starry night to get the job done and delivered before the meeting began. Ryan was happy to have an English language printer based in Paris to help make the conference a success.

The CSIS provides strategic insights and policy solutions to decisionmakers in government, international institutions, the private sector, and civil society. A bipartisan, nonprofit organization the group with some 220 full time staffers conducts research and analysis and develops policy initiatives that look into the future and anticipate change. CSIS is primarily focused on defense and security, regional stability, and transnational challenges ranging from energy and climate to global development and economic integration.

Lyn Wigbels, Senior Associate, CSIS, was in Paris to receive the books for her meeting. Her note: "Thank you for the wonderful printing job you did on the Center for Strategic and International Studies Human Space Exploration Education report. My colleague, Ryan Faith, and I were very impressed with how you responded to our need to have the reports ready by Wednesday, 26 March, for our meeting with experts from all over the world. The documents you delivered were quite attractive, very professionally produced, and arrived in good shape. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness to our business needs!"

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G. Ryan Faith said...

I was extraordinarily pleased with the speed and quality of service and would be happy to recommend Lalande to anyone in Paris.