Saturday, December 22, 2007


Susie Hollands, director and owner of Bonapart Consulting, a Paris-based real estate consultancy, commissioned Oxford, UK artist Joanna Walsh to create this dynamic carte de voeux for 2008. Hollands, who also founded the artist network, I V Y paris, a global coalition of some 400 visual artists who sometimes all converge on Paris for exhibitions and gatherings, has created a flourishing business and a vibrant community of aesthetically-minded shakers and movers. "This year, 2007, was our best year ever," she says, "and we wanted a card that communicates our enthusiasm for Paris, the art of real estate, and our belief that art is an integral part of our lives here – as is the Bon Marché!"

Joanna Walsh, was more than happy to contribute her exceptional talents to both Bonapart and ivy paris. Her illustrations which often focus on fashion and culture capture the speed and humor of Paris street bustle in this piece. "Susie is quite special and the reason why both Bonapart – I'm a client! – and ivy paris –I'm a member! – are so successful. This was a very cool project. I also think I did a good job on Sarkozy!" [See if you can find the French President in the crowd]. Joanna is currently writing and illustrating a book about Paris.

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris works with artists and companies like Bonapart and I V Y paris to produce custom-designed communications all year round. Whether they are cartes de voeux (New Year's cards), posters, books, catalogs or large and small format limited edition prints, Lalande works very closely with clients to provide a unique service in the heart of Paris. Contact us for your cartes de voeux and New Year's cards.


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