Saturday, August 4, 2007


Paris is now a biker's paradise with thousands of bicycles – velos – ready to ride all over town. Ever the opportunist, we created a special "Velib" promotion for new clients, putting one or two of the TIPOGRAFIA cards in the baskets of the cool new bikes. The rider takes one, hikes his or her way across town, and leaves the second card in the basket for someone else. Talk about an "idea virus," this allows us to diffuse our material in a friendly manner to our demographic. We're printing up new images that will be a bit retro like this one, above. If you do find one of our cards, bring one home (and leave the second card in the pannier for the next rider, please); then check in here on the blog, and let us know where in Paris you found it. Christine, technical princess and green citizen at Lalande, reminded me to tell people: Ne jetez pas sur la voie publique, s'il vous plaît.

I wrote about the Velib Phenomeon for The Paris Blog. Here's a quick snippet: "Putting Parisians on two wheels 24 hours a day has ushered in a new local aesthetic. With the cool weather, sunny days and breezy nights taking the velo for a 30-minute trot about town is quite agreeable. The little "pannier" up front is framing an emerging look: Toting about colorful fruits and vegetables, could very well produce a spread in Vogue. Part-retro fashion, part-health kick, big-time Amelie Poulain and clear-sky friendly, it's evident Parisians want to look like they're busy doing wonderful things and carrying legumes about on the velo is a quick fix to that end."

We're looking for great photos of bicycles, from all corners of the globe, so send one of yours to us and maybe we can use it in another Velib pannier promotion, and reward you at the same with some post cards, digital prints, or cartes de visites. Become a big wheel; we'll help you get there.

Paris est maintenant le paradis des cyclistes avec des milliers de bicyclettes prêt à aller partout la ville. Jamais opportuniste, nous avons créé une promotion "Velib" spéciale pour de nouveaux clients, mettant une ou deux des cartes TIPOGRAFIA ou petits cyclistes dans les paniers des nouveaux vélos frais. Velib Paris.

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