Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sheridan in Dublin

Malachy Quinn, the Paris-based Irish playwright is taking his successful tragi-comedy, Sheridan, on the road to Dublin. After a sold out run in Paris this spring, Sheridan, directed by theater veteran Yves Jégo, will play in French with "some simultaneous translation" at the Andrews Lane Studio theater in Dublin. Lalande played a role in this play, producing flyers, posters, invitations, program booklets and the very cool A2-sized panels that will be flipped during the play so Dubliners will be able to follow the wonderfully absurd action led by the soldier painter in his quest to vanquish non-believers in his artistic enterprises. We used a special Ray Johnson typeface created by UK font designer Keith Bates for the "subtitles." Ray Johnson, the late artist and an acknowledged master of collage and "father of mail art" was a living legend (and a great friend).

If you are living in Dublin or planning an August visit between 9 Thursday to 11 Saturday and want to book a seat, call, from Dublin: 01 679 5720. Tickets are 15 euros.

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