Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ricardo Bloch Launches Amphibious Andromeda

Amphibious Andromeda is not your ordinary book. It's like taking a walk through the artist's mind as he walks through Paris.  Think of it as an Accidental Tourist Guide to Paris... and what could be more gorgeous than that?

What he calls a "journal of everyday life," kept between July 24 and October 20th of 2007, Amphibious Andromeda is Ricardo Bloch's way of disassembling and reconfiguring a unique daily walk through his Paris world. Visually stunning, the photos are intimate and telling, funny and revealing; combinations on the page in spreads add another layer to meaning, making volume from the artist something of a beachhead in a brave new world.

The full color book (printed by Lalande Digital Press Paris) consists of 200 photographs "made under the pressure of feeding a daily image/sound blog called Amphibious Andromeda," says Ricardo. "This is the first in a series of four or five books, which will end with photographs made in March of this year when I stopped posting on my blog. The 589-day archive of Amphibious Andromeda’s images and sounds is still online at: ... "

Amphibious Andromeda Book 1 is "a free-flowing record of what the my eye encountered during that period of time," adds Ricardo, "and the photographs are presented here in the strict chronological order in which they were made. Compared to the blog, where the determinant factor in the choice of an image was the success of its juxtaposition with a sound, here, it is the successful construction of a double-page spread. Consequently, there are many photographs that appeared in Amphibious Andromeda which are absent here and vice versa."

You can flip through a number of the pages of the book, by logging on to:

Amphibious Andromeda Book 1 has been printed in a limited edition of 100 copies. It is soft-cover, 24.5 x 16.5 cm, 102 pages.

PRICE: Only 24€ plus shipping, via PayPal (or check). (Contact the artist directly to purchase).

Ricardo Bloch's work has been exhibited in Europe and the United States and is collected publically and privately throughout the world. The artist most recently exhibited his Happy Days photographs of Denver, Colorado circa 1973 at the School House Gallery in Paris. When visiting Ricardo's web site, you may also enjoy a web-specific work: Sharon’s Wars. Oh and while you're there, ask Ricardo where the name Amphibious Andromeda comes from...

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