Monday, March 23, 2009

K-TYPE : Font Of Genius

UK Font designer Keith Bates and his K-Type is something of a genius in the typography world.  And a legend already.  His "Norton" type face is used on Jon Stewart's THE DAILY SHOW and he has created niche fonts as homages for artists and friends as well.

Keith writes: "K-Type Norton is the choice of typeface for “Old Man Stewart” on the current series of top US satire, The Daily Show. The font which is based on the four characters in the old Norton motorcycles logo, has been updated for contemporary use and expanded to include a lower case and our usual full compliment of accented characters."

Keith's Ray Johnson font (HOW TO DRAW RAY JOHNSON) is being used for A BOOK ABOUT DEATH, a global mail art project. (A Mail Art font exists as well). And fonts for Roy Lichtenstein and others are total winners. The typography artist creates fonts for both commercial and personal use. Check him out.

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