Thursday, January 3, 2008

Le One Page Book

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris a developé une idée formidable pour tous nos clients – artistes, photographes, agences de pub, boutiques et entreprises de tous genres : Un livre à une feuille. (One page book).  Utilisant une seule feuille, on imprime à A4 sur des papiers beaux, de 80 grammes à 250 grammes. Quadri couleur ou noir et blanc, la page est pliée quatre fois, puis coupé au milieu.  Repliée, la page devient un livre à huit pages! C'est beau, elegant et vraiment utile pour des milliers de fonctions. Un mini livre parfait pour un catalogue, photobook, livre d'artiste, carte de visite, cadeau, lancement d'un produit ou ligne de vêtements... en fait, tout ce que vous pouvez imaginez.  

Alors, voici un mini-one-page-book, IT WAS A VERY BAD YEAR. Télécharger (A4 ou US lettre) le PDF ICI. [Another book, JOW, is here : JOW By Musicmaster & John Bennett (2008)]. Imprimez chez vous et les idées se lancent... Imprimez vos one-page-books avec Lalande; on comprend bien le format et on est là pour vous aider avancer vos projets. Voici un video pour mieux comprendre comment plieer le livre. Questions? Demandez-nous, c'est gratuit: ONE PAGE BOOK.

This little schematic guide, above, will help you figure it all out. The one-page-book (click here): IT WAS A VERY BAD YEAR, will allow you to see for yourself how simple and elegant and inexpensive an advertising vehicle the one-page-book is; the possibilities are endless. It is a tool that will not only win friends and influence people, but also allow you make an impact with a small budget. We can fold and cut your one-page-books or advise you on how best to use them. Talk to us about your projects (our advice is free) : Questions? Just ask, click here: ONE PAGE BOOK.


Expat Traveler said...

Lol - I think you're making my head spin. But I guess if you sit down and do it, that would be key to actually accomplishing the task..

(sort of like doing my new template.. lol)...

And by the way, it's great to see the french since I never speak or read it anymore. Hopefully P will stop by and read some... He's bilingual, I'm about 60%.

Et Bonne Annee a toi!


My friend Julie ( ) asked me today: "Are you trying to start an ideavirus with your one-page-book?

She's referring to Seth Godin's book, The Idea Virus.

My answer:

"ABSOLUTELY. Because the one-page-book requires only a single pass in a photocopier or digital printer, it is inexpensive and of course the final result is elegant and clearly useful. I didn't invent the form, but I'm trying to get artists and others to see how this little one page book can be an incredible empowerment device. I want my clients to use it and I'm trying to get others to use it. Right now I've started a blog where I'm posting samples of one-page-books. The second one is from John Bennett my friend at OSU/Special and Rare Books. He's on the Fluxus list.

My partner Robert and I had a long discussion about the book the other day. We discussed types of paper, various folding methods, sizes and of course applications. It's clear that most cards are looked at briefly and tossed. This little paper machine will be looked at and analyzed. For a marketer, getting a prospect to look at something longer than 1 minute is a real trick.

Why don't you do one, send me the PDF and I'll post it... "

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