Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Fairer Sex : A Private View

What do six women do on a Friday night in Paris? Compare notes? Yes! And photos. Projected on an atelier wall, images by six women photographers will be viewed by a private, invitation-only group in a show entitled "The Fairer Sex" this Friday, 28 September. Organized and hosted by Danielle Voirin, (she took my profile photo), the idea came to her when someone recently asked her if she knew many women photographers in Paris. "No," she said, much to her own surprise. Then a friend from Planet Waves, out of the blue, offered her a slide projector destined for storage and the concept of a small, intimate show took shape. Through word of mouth and loose associations, she selected the five other photographers from France, the U.S., Italy and Finland: Vilma Pimenoff, Anne-Sophie Jal, Aurelie Prissette, Elena Rossini, and Sue Rynski.

While sex is the subject, it is not always the object with these photographers. The feminine eye these women cast on the world about them, opens up not only on fashion details (rings, nails, shoes), but architectural details as well (concrete edges, bricks, rain on cobblestones) and the female body in corporeal and incorporeal form. Visit their web sites to take a closer look at the breadth of their projects. And please feel free to comment below.

Lalande Digital Art Press helped out producing a card and invitation to mark the event (above). The Fairer Sex is also supported by Susie Hollands, Lalande friend and artist, and her Paris-based artist association, IVY PARIS.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Top row : Aurélie Prissette, Anne-Sophie Jal, Sue Rynski; Bottom row : Vilma Pimenoff, Elena Rossini, Danielle Voirin


Lindsay Lohan said...

I wanna go! I wanna go! I wanna go!

Eric said...

Eric Francis said, me too! But I hear a rumor that we will be able to post the whole presentation to PlanetWaves.net so tune in, it will be posted as soon as we have the Quicktime movie, probably after the event.


A slide show of all the works would be fantastic and I'm sure well received. I'm looking forward to the event tomorrow night. – Matthew

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

This sounds excellent! I would love to go. sigh.