Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lillies & Birds: Nugent Davis

American artist Nugent Davis repaints nature in thick, impasto oil-on-canvas portraits of dripping flowers (mostly lillies), mysterious women silhouetted in deep rich reds against a scumbled calligraphic ground (Lilly II, left). We've been working with Nugent for nearly two years, producing post cards, annoucement posters and most recently, a tidy ton of cards and printed pieces for her July wedding. Come la rentrée, the honeymoon moves into another phase with an exhibition of new works, opening 19 September at Style Pixie Salon in Ivry-sur-Seine, with full on abstract oils from this lush series. The show runs through 19 October.

"The series is inspired by nature and science," says Nugent who paints out of her Studio Rabbit on the southern edge of Paris. "Through the paint itself, I'm also writing a kind of language." The colors are highly charged, and literally vibrate. Nugent's abstractions touch upon those from de Kooning to Pat Steir, to artists like Kenny Scharf ("Object," right). Color is always turned on full blast in Nugent's Studio Rabbit.

"I paint from my own center and choose a subject so I can almost step into it; that's what gives me pleasure," she says. "I don't try to control the paint at all and allow it speak for itself." Contact Nugent for details.

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Anonymous said...

I love Nugent's work. I have seen almost all of her paintings and several of her mixed media pieces and she is certainly a wonderful artist. As with most pieces... these little pictures just don't do this beautiful work justice. I would certainly recommend seeking these paintings out for a closer look in person.