Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rubens Rounding Third

Matthew Rose takes a swing at the art of baseball in his prize-winning art stamp sheet, Rubens Rounding Third. Printed on gummed paper and perforated, the stamp sheet is the artist's ode to baseball, art, Rubens, stamps in a sexy twist on turning the corner, in this case third base.

This collector's piece is headed for Cooperstown, the Baseball Hall of Fame in Upstate New York, as well as a permanent place at the Philatelic Museum of Oaxaca (MUFI), which awarded the artist first prize in their world wide competition for 'Baseball Philately + The Art Inspired by Philately'.

"My guess is that Americans of all sizes will be interested in this work, not only those who love baseball and art," said Matthew, "but also those who grew up playing the game and found themselves distracted by some attractive fan in the crowd."
  • Printed on gummed stamp sheets
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Limited edition of 1000
  • 296mm by 407mm (11½ by 16 inches)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Angela Ferrara, an artist based in São Paulo, Brazil, created this film 
for the exhibition A Book About Death. Angela, contributor to 
A Book About Deathsee her art here – worked tirelessly to not 
only learn new software applications but to curate the original 
show into themes and sync it all to the beautiful music of 
Garry Schyman – his piece, Praan.
Visit The Music Of Garry Schyman

Bhulbona ar shohojete
Shei praan e mon uthbe mete
Mrittu majhe dhaka ache
je ontohin praan
Bojre tomar baje bashi
She ki shohoj gaan
Shei shurete jagbo ami
(Repeat 3X)
Shei jhor jeno shoi anonde
Chittobinar taare
Shotto-shundu dosh digonto
Nachao je jhonkare!
Bojre tomar baje bashi
She ki shohoj gaan
Shei shurete jagbo am

Praan (English Translation)

The same stream of life
that runs through my veins night and day
runs through the world
and dances in rhythmic measures.

It is the same life
that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth
in numberless blades of grass
and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

It is the same life
that is rocked in the ocean-cradle
of birth and of death,
in ebb and in flow.

I feel my limbs are made glorious
by the touch of this world of life.
And my pride is from the life-throb of ages
dancing in my blood this moment.

Use of Garry Schyman's music for Praan – originally written for Where The Hell Is Matt? – has been generously granted by the composer.

Lyrics adapted from the poem "Stream Of Life" from Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore.

Music Credits: Music By Garry Schyman.  Drums and Engineering Dan Blessinger. Vocals Palbasha Siddique. Guitars and bass Kevin Dukes. Concertmaster Belinda Broughton. Orchestral contractor Ross DeRoche (DeRoche Music Inc.).  Vocal Contractor Melissa Nixon.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Julia Hoffmann Poster

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris produced a series of posters for the exhibition A Book About Death to take place at The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery in New York City, NY on September 10, 2009.  This work is by Julia Hoffmann, creative director for The Museum of Modern Art and independent, freelance graphic designer.  Julia Hoffmann is based in New York City, NY.  You can download this poster from site: A Book About Death.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Apsara Song : Affiche Par Cuakor

Apsara Song : Affiche Par Cuakor. Affiche imprimée, edition limitée par Lalande Art Press Paris.

La Librarie Apsara ferme le rideau et remote les voiles le 21 juillet 2009.  Bon voyage...

Cuakor est aussi l'auteur/editeur de L'Oeil de La Brouse.  Edition limitée disponible pour 7 euros.  Il n'y a pas beaucoup... Contact: contact at graines-idee dot fr. 

La Librarie Apsara: 44 rue Daguerre 75014 Paris

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Amazing wallpaper designs by Jean-Baptiste Marot and Liz Stirling and new portraits by Annabelle Briens are the featured works in Spill Presents 03, the monthly art salon put on by Spill Paris, our friends and clients.

Spill is one of the world's leading web design firms, and one of France's top Clic d'Or winners. Run by Nicholas Mir Chaikin and Liz Stirling, the design firm is located in the heart of Paris in a palatial office with room for 500 or so.

Wonderful cocktails great art awaits you all on June 24... Click the invite poster to get the details.  Should be great fun... save the date.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Caroline Secq : îLE DE SAINT-CADO

Caroline Secq artiste d'assemblage, sort les oeuvres nouveaux.  Voir sont site: CAROLINE SECQ. Lalande vient d'imprimer ses cartes postales.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ari Rossner : Vernissage Offset

La première exposition grand-public de mes œuvres "Off-Set," par Ari Rossner se tiendra le 2, 3 et 4 juin à l'occasion de la deuxième édition de La Nuit Des Arts Et Des Mondes.
Vernissage / Cocktail / Concert le mardi 2 juin 2009 à 19h.

Grandes Halles Art Nouveau du Parc Georges Brassens, 104, rue Brancion 75015 Paris. Ouverture au public le 2 - 4 juin, de 14h à 2h du matin.

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris a imprimés les cartons d'invitations (ici).

Monday, May 25, 2009


Promotion contre la crise: On lutte avec vous pour vos impressions publicitaires. Bon entre 1er Juin - 30 Juin. CONTACT : LE KIT CRISE.

<–– Click pour agrandir l'image.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ricardo Bloch Launches Amphibious Andromeda

Amphibious Andromeda is not your ordinary book. It's like taking a walk through the artist's mind as he walks through Paris.  Think of it as an Accidental Tourist Guide to Paris... and what could be more gorgeous than that?

What he calls a "journal of everyday life," kept between July 24 and October 20th of 2007, Amphibious Andromeda is Ricardo Bloch's way of disassembling and reconfiguring a unique daily walk through his Paris world. Visually stunning, the photos are intimate and telling, funny and revealing; combinations on the page in spreads add another layer to meaning, making volume from the artist something of a beachhead in a brave new world.

The full color book (printed by Lalande Digital Press Paris) consists of 200 photographs "made under the pressure of feeding a daily image/sound blog called Amphibious Andromeda," says Ricardo. "This is the first in a series of four or five books, which will end with photographs made in March of this year when I stopped posting on my blog. The 589-day archive of Amphibious Andromeda’s images and sounds is still online at: ... "

Amphibious Andromeda Book 1 is "a free-flowing record of what the my eye encountered during that period of time," adds Ricardo, "and the photographs are presented here in the strict chronological order in which they were made. Compared to the blog, where the determinant factor in the choice of an image was the success of its juxtaposition with a sound, here, it is the successful construction of a double-page spread. Consequently, there are many photographs that appeared in Amphibious Andromeda which are absent here and vice versa."

You can flip through a number of the pages of the book, by logging on to:

Amphibious Andromeda Book 1 has been printed in a limited edition of 100 copies. It is soft-cover, 24.5 x 16.5 cm, 102 pages.

PRICE: Only 24€ plus shipping, via PayPal (or check). (Contact the artist directly to purchase).

Ricardo Bloch's work has been exhibited in Europe and the United States and is collected publically and privately throughout the world. The artist most recently exhibited his Happy Days photographs of Denver, Colorado circa 1973 at the School House Gallery in Paris. When visiting Ricardo's web site, you may also enjoy a web-specific work: Sharon’s Wars. Oh and while you're there, ask Ricardo where the name Amphibious Andromeda comes from...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tom J. Byrne At The Irish Embassy Paris

Tom J. Byrne, the Irish ex-pat living and working in Paris, paints the French landscape, women and a graphic surrealism in ways that perhaps only an Irishman can.  His exhibition bringing all these influences together in oil on canvas, tempera and drawings on paper opens this weekend in the refurbished building of the Irish Embassy at 12 Avenue Foch, 75116 Paris. (The entrance is on rue Rude.)

Tom's work brings him all over France where he immerses himself in the rich tradition of landscape painting. His canvases are large and rich distillations of the natural beauty of the countryside, aching with a particular longing (if such a thing is possible in landscape works) that ex-pats seem to recognize and realize more than the native-born set. See Tom's Maubec Field series here.

Yet, the artist travels to new more internal spots in newer, graphic and mysterious works such as Nature's Eye (left, above), combining a handful of influences and interests in the same clear style.  His range is astonishing, moving easily from contemporary collage styles to precise graphite nude drawings to abstract canvases that sometimes have a photorealistic bent. 

Lalande Digital Art Press is happy to count Tom Byrne as a client and friend (we produced a number of post cards for him for this exhibition), and add him to the cadre of interesting artists we work with here in Paris. Visit Tom's website and see more of his works here: Tom J. Byrne.

The exhibition at the Irish Embassy opens on May 16 and runs through mid-June.  If you can't make the Irish Embassy exhibition, Tom Byrne shows his work at Saint Germain Les-Corbeil for one week, May 23 through May 30; and on June 2 the artist exhibits his work at the Goal Ball in Paris. 

Friday, May 8, 2009

UNICEF et PlaNet Finance: Gala Hindira

La première édition du Gala Hindira nous a permis de récolter 102 200€ au bénéfice des enfants en Inde pour les programmes d’éducation de l’UNICEF et PlaNet Finance, selon Maryam Ingar, Chief Executive Officer, Spark Services.  Elle nous a écrit parmi d'autre patenaires dans ce projet en remerciement: "Vous avez contribué à la réalisation d’un beau projet qui nous tenait à cœur et nous vous en sommes très reconnaissants."

Polyflash et Lalande a fabriqué les cartons d'invitation pour l'evenement. (Image).

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spill Presents: Spring Art Showcase

Spill, the award-winning Paris-based web design firm, is throwing an art party on May 6 at their palatial digs on Rue Faubourg Poissoniere 75010 Paris. Led by tech and design geniuses Nicholas Mir Chaikin and Liz Stirling, longtime friends and clients of Lalande Digital Art Press, Spill has won more Clic d'Or awards than just about anyone.

The exhibition includes Paris-based artists Sarah de Teliga, Roubiou + Toft Anderson AKA Moto 777, Jean-Pierre Valette, Matthew Rose. Click the image at left to enlarge to see all details.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is Your Business Card Crap?

Votre carte de visite, est-t-elle crap? Here's a man with a $4 business card. Hmmm. Thoughts? Que pensez vous?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vitrines Miniatures : Virginie Ruscoe

Virginie Ruscoe, grande amie de Lalande Digital Art Press est en plein production. Ses vitrines minatures se lance cette semaine avec un nouveau site web et l'idée de mettre le monde en minature.

"La reproduction en miniature de scènes de la vie quotidienne évoque chez nous beaucoup de souvenirs," elle explique. "Elle suscite dʼautant plus dʼémotion lorsque la scène représente un lieu qui nous est familier : une boutique de notre enfance, une pièce de la maison de nos ancêtres ou de nos vacances ou encore le métier ou la passion dʼun de nos proches." [Clickez pour aggrandir les images].

Porquoi la vie petite? "La confection de vitrines miniatures est devenue un art pour ceux qui sʼadonnent à cette passion," continue Virginie. "Elle réveille la magie de lʼenfance. Cʼest pourquoi le moindre détail ou objet qui capte notre regard a son importance."

Virginie peut réaliser sur demande des vitrines miniatures et reproduire les scènes de la vie quotidienne que vous souhaitez. Nʼhésitez pas à contacter direct. Ou par téléphone: 06 87 10 55 04.  Visitez le site web.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Le Sélect : Portraits Of The French by Rick Tulka

"A tribute so pleasant and persuasive that swarming tourists may make it difficult for Fitch and Tulka to find a table," says the Kirkus Review about Paris artist Rick Tulka's new book of portraits produced at Le Sélect, one of the most famous cafés in Paris, and a beacon for Americans on the Left Bank. Tulka, a longtime friend of Lalande Digital Art Press, can be found almost every day drawing at Le Sélect on Boulevard Montparnasse. Take a look at what Rick's been up to all these years: Order Paris Café The Sélect Crowd from Amazon.

Some reviews:

"In this droll, delicious little volume, Fitch and Tulka provide an affectionate portrait of the Select Cafe, one of those famous Paris eateries that have served as candles to intellectual moths--French, American, and otherwise--for nearly a century. As Fitch reels off anecdotes about those who spent time writing, chatting, caffeinating, and dreaming in the Montparnasse spot, the book reads like a Who's Who of twentieth-century arts circles with cameo appearances by Hemingway, Bunuel, Brassaï, Giacometti, Beckett, Picasso, Noguchi, de Beauvoir, Satie, Poulenc, Baldwin, and Godard. The text, by the author of several books on American expatriates in Paris, is slender and sketchy, but that leaves more room for Tulka's marvelous line drawings, which capture the essences not only of the café's celebrity patrons but also its proprietors and waiters, along with numerous guests whose names are not known, but who are blithely immortalized." -- Booklist

From the Publisher:

Acclaimed author Noël Riley Fitch, abetted by noted artist Rick Tulka, serves the dish on Select, the famous Montparnasse café that for nearly nine decades has been so vital to Paris and its intellectual denizens: from Hemingway, Beauvoir, Picasso, James Baldwin, and George Plimpton to the writers and artists who continue to work quietly there in the back room or heatedly debate every topic imaginable into the night. The artists have their work on the walls; the novelists include the café setting in their fiction. The quiet and drama of the Sélect world illustrates the centrality of cafés — particularly this one — to Parisian social, cultural, and intellectual life. Blending pithy profiles and witty drawings of clientele and staff, the book is organized around a history of the café, its daily and seasonal rhythms, particular colorful patrons, and even its typical café/brasserie food (including a few recipes). Click for Rick's website.

Saturday, April 4, 2009



Visit SOMA GALLERY for 9 May Exhibition, Cape May, NJ.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Paix à Gaza

LALANDE DIGITAL ART PRESS PARIS a imprimé des stickers pour Marek Halter, dessinés par Clara Halter (sa femme), l'artiste qui en l'an 2000 le Mur pour la Paix, sur l'esplanade du Champ de Mars.

Ces stickers était destinés à un Convoi Pour La Paix organisé par Marek Halter à Gaza qui etait prévu pour le 17 mars.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bathtub IV

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

See: Keith Loutit.

Keith Loutit is a Sydney based photographer. "These photographs and short films were made in ordinary places, probably not too unlike where you live. Combining a variety of techniques including tilt-shift and time-lapse photography, I aim to help people take a second look at places that are familiar to them."

France Not France By David Rager

David Rager, of the America's top art directors and graphic designers, is on his way to Paris. What better way to pave his way to France than with this new poster he designed for Colette, the chic-chic boutique on Rue St. Honoré.  David who asked Lalande to print this work for him, has been working in the art world for years, designing a full range of objects and bags and branding imagery for the likes of The New Museum, The Ecology Center, MoCA and tons of other high end visual arts organizations.

FRANCE/NOT FRANCE is a limited edition print created for The Selby Shop and exhibition at Colette in Paris. Prints can be purchased at Colette during the month of April along with other goods created by the subjects of Todd Selby's photographs. E-mail info(at)davidrager(dot)org for availability.

You can also visit David's ESTY shop, click here.

David can be seen on his bicycle in New York, Los Angeles, and now Paris. Check his website and you'll see what he did for California!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Every day it's a new battle against over-pixelated files, unprintable type fonts and uncorrected colors! Not to mention the economic crisis...but your friends at Lalande Digital Art Press Paris are there (that is here, in Paris) to save the day, with better prices, excellent printing and the best customer service in French and English (français et anglais) in all of France Land. A dynamic duo ready to do business, no matter the weather. Let us help you save the day chez vous!

Above: Robert Ruscoe and Matthew Rose.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The End of the World: New Print For Keep Calm

THE END OF THE WORLD (REALLY BUILT TO LAST) is Paris-based artist Matthew Rose's latest surreal fantasy about the fragility of world we live in and the end of the world we've built. 
Based on an original collage from 2008, THE END OF THE WORLD, reports from the frontiers of the real and dream worlds, where foods and animals, naughty little boys and errant little girls enter into the visual field and run, jump, hang and float in and around an assortment of human narratives that are veering dangerously out of control. Like in life.
This work, and others in the series, will appear in Masters of Collage (Lark Publishing, USA) in May 2010 along with 40 other contemporary artists.
This full color print measures 25 x 25 cm, and also has a border for framing.  Signed and numbered in an edition of 85, the print, produced by Lalande Digital Art Press Paris costs 38 UK Pounds exclusively from Keep Calm Gallery.  Click here to go to Keep Calm Gallery to see detailed images and order.

Monday, March 23, 2009

K-TYPE : Font Of Genius

UK Font designer Keith Bates and his K-Type is something of a genius in the typography world.  And a legend already.  His "Norton" type face is used on Jon Stewart's THE DAILY SHOW and he has created niche fonts as homages for artists and friends as well.

Keith writes: "K-Type Norton is the choice of typeface for “Old Man Stewart” on the current series of top US satire, The Daily Show. The font which is based on the four characters in the old Norton motorcycles logo, has been updated for contemporary use and expanded to include a lower case and our usual full compliment of accented characters."

Keith's Ray Johnson font (HOW TO DRAW RAY JOHNSON) is being used for A BOOK ABOUT DEATH, a global mail art project. (A Mail Art font exists as well). And fonts for Roy Lichtenstein and others are total winners. The typography artist creates fonts for both commercial and personal use. Check him out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Laurence Esnol Gallery Expose H. Craig Hanna Pour Art Paris Du 18 au 23 Mars

Nouveau client, Laurence Esnol Gallery, sera présent au Grand Palais du 18 au 23 mars dans le cadre de la foire de l’art contemporain ArtParis 2009. (Stand P26).

La galerie exposera le peintre et mannequin, H. Craig Hanna. Connu pour un réalism touchant et fort, l'artiste est également connu dans le monde de la mode chez Calvin Klein et Marc Jacobs. Drew Barrymore adore ses huiles sur toiles.

Installé depuis trois ans au Grand Palais, ArtParis est devenu en 10 ans l’un des principaux rendez-vous parisiens pour les acteurs de la scène artistique internationale.

Du 19 au 23 mars 2009, ArtParis rassemble une centaine des galeries les plus dynamiques sur le marché international de l’art moderne et contemporain : une vingtaine de pays seront représentés.

D’ici et d’ailleurs, la création artistique du XXème siècle rencontre alors celle du XXIeme siècle à travers ses divers moyens d’expression : peinture, sculpture, dessin, photographie, vidéo, installations, performances.

Photographe Thierry Chomel exposera bientôt a la galerie Laurence Esnol.  Ses photos de la mode en noir et blancs sont des bijoux de rêves.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Printing in Paris

The economic situation is not getting any better, but marketers are getting smarter. American, German, British, Canadian, Australian, Chinese and Japanese marketers on their way to Paris should stop and think before they load up a plane with 50 kilos of printed paper materials.  Why?  Because they can easily save money and time and effort by e mailing LALANDE your graphically-rich PDF and letting us do the proofing, printing and delivery of brochures, cards, flyers, catalogs and posters for you.  Need to talk or e mail for an estimate? No problem because we speak your language. Save money, save time and work smarter by working with us.  We speak your language.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


MISTER ROSE'S ABC, un petit abcdaire, est maintenant chez ARTAZART, librarie design, hip and 100 percent cool. Au bord du canal St Martin, Paris 75010, ce magasin offre des titres sur tous ce qui est design, art, des éditions rare et livres d'artistes.  Alors, Lalande Digital Art Press est là...

Apparue tout d'abord sur le web, la librairie ARTAZART répond depuis 1999 aux attentes des graphistes, web designers, typographes, étudiants... et tous les passionnés de la création, en proposant une sélection des meilleures sources d'inspiration et références internationales en matière de design graphique.

En septembre 2000, les fondateurs d' A R T A Z A R T, Jérome Fournel et Carl Huguenin, inaugurent la librairie du 83 quai de Valmy, dans le X° arrondissement de Paris, au bord du Canal St Martin.
Un espace d'exposition spécifique y est réservé aux artistes, français ou étrangers: graphistes, illustrateurs, photographes... [Ici, Adèle, stagiere Lalande, avec le nouveau édition de MISTER ROSE'S ABC BOOK].

Organisant près de 10 événements à l'année (rencontres, signatures, concours...) et s'associant régulièrement à des initiatives d'acteurs majeurs du champ culturel, A R T A Z A R T contribue à révéler et promouvoir une créativité pluri-disciplinaire insatiable.

Sur le site comme en librairie, l'offre d'ouvrages, de revues et de produits créatifs est le résultat d'une sélection minutieuse, mise à jour au rythme des nouveautés internationales en graphisme, design, photo, mode, art urbain...

Aujourd'hui, vous trouvez MISTER ROSE'S ABC chez ARTAZART.  10 Euros. Allez-y! plongez dans les ABCs, ou prendre le metro ou vélib et visiter le magasin et après, promenez sur le canal. C'est beau, c'est Paris!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Benoît Delhaye : Un Portrait Numérique

Nouveau chez Lalande/Polyflash : Benoît Delhaye, 20 ans d'éxperience dans la numérique. "Je suis content d'être admis au sein de 'l'équipe de rêve' de Polyflash."

Transfuge de la photographie, il s'est retrouvé de fil en aiguille avec du cyan sur les mains et, dit-il "C'est le cœur en fête que numériquement j'imprime tout ce que je peux chez Bob 'Polyflash' Ruscoe!"

Ben travaille avec l'image et la musique, ses deux passions, la photo, il explique fait bouger son imagination: "La photo car dans un univers surexcité en expansion (il a du mérite actuellement), j'aime la méditation induite dans l'image fixe, ainsi que la relative liberté du spectateur d'y mettre le contenu qu'il choisit.  

Ben joue la musique avec son group de jazz, TRIOGUS, partout à Paris. Ça fait partie du son univers creatif: "La musique...c'est une merveilleuse communion entre amis, que de 'faire des pains' sur la même grille!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Keep Calm Gallery is celebrating revolution with a range of silk-screened street posters from May 1968.  Each poster is available for about 30 euros each. But hurry if you want one, many are already sold out.

To commemorate the revolutionary spirit of 1968 the Hayward Gallery is presenting the first major display in the UK of posters produced by students and workers in Paris during strikes of May 1968.

Produced anonymously by art students and striking workers, the posters were distributed for free. The bold graphic messages appeared on the barricades, were carried in demonstrations and plastered on walls across France. The exhibition at the Hayward Gallery will include 46 posters taken from the collection of the American writer and curator Johan Kugelberg.

The year of 1968 was one of great political and social upheaval in France. Anger and frustration over issues such as poverty and unemployment gave rise to a mass movement for social change. A wave of strikes, walkouts and demonstrations by students followed by a general strike, paralysed the French capital.

In the middle of May 1968 students and faculty took over the Ecole des Beaux Arts to form the Atelier Populaire (popular workshop), producing hundreds of silkscreen posters in an extraordinary outpouring of politically graphic art. Described as ‘weapons in the service of the struggle’ the purpose and intended locations for the posters were the streets and factories where the struggles were taking place. (Text from

To coincide with the exhibition and to commemorate the 40 year anniversary of the Paris riots of 1968 a limited edition book has been produced by The Orange Dot. Each book contains hand screen printed reproductions of 40 original Mai 68 posters. Keep Calm Gallery are pleased to have been given the opportunity to offer a very limited number of printers proofs of these reproductions. Unlike the posters collated in the limited edition Mai 68 books, these printers proofs are available individually at Keep Calm Gallery for a short time only.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Lalande Digital Art Press Wizard, Robert Ruscoe, ready to deliver printed materials on our new totally green, human-powered distribution system. A bicycling fanatic, Robert has long held the idea that if we print ecologically sound posters, cards, books and digital prints, we should also deliver them that way, too. "Plus, it allows me to visit all of Paris," he says.  "And I get to wear these cool duds."

It's cold out there, Robert.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Democrats Abroad : Obama Postcard

Democrats Abroad France produced and distributed some 3000 postcards celebrating the inauguration of President Barack Obama here in Paris.  Lalande Digital Press Paris was happy to work with this innovative group of Americans in Paris to spread the word about democracy and the new president.  
   A note from Tony Frank Paschall, one of the Democrats Abroad was very welcome:       "Just a quick word, Robert, to say that everyone was totally delighted with the Obama Inauguration postcard. We handed out almost a thousand in just a couple hours... comme des petits pains!

A très bientôt,


Lalande is happy to work with folks of all political stripes.  Have a project?  Get in touch.  Click the images to enlarge.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keep Calm: House & Home Ireland

Keep Calm Gallery was featured this month in House And Home (an Irish interiors magazine). A selection of prints, some produced by Lalande Digital Art Press, appeared as part of a four page photo shoot. Check out what's new at the Gallery.

Lalande has been working with Keep Calm Gallery in the London for more than a year and a half printing fine art digital prints for a number of artists including Amy Ross, Alysson Fox and soon, Wilhelm Staehle.  

Monday, January 12, 2009

Badaude's Christmas Phase II

Christmas isn't over yet at Badaude.  She's one of our English friens: Check out her digital print.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Impossible Possibilities: 2009 Calendar (Free!)

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris is looking forward to another interesting year, and so we thought we'd offer you an interesting digital gift : Impossible Possibilities, a free, downloadable calendar you can print out at home – wherever that may be in the world.

The calendar comes with a cover and back page, and 12 surreal months (in French) illustrated with the surreal art work of Matthew Rose.  Simply download the file (it's only 6 mb), print out on your home printer, cut the pages using the crop mark guides, staple up on top and tack to the wall. Interested? Hey, it's free. C'est gratuit! 


Lalande Digital Art Press will print these calendars to order.  Each is printed on 300 gram true card, in quadri-color, shrink-wrapped and signed by the artist.  For one: 12 euros.  For 10, 10 euros each. For orders of 50 or more contact us for prices. We are happy to work with retailers, boutiques and businesses anywhere on the planet. We can produce custom designed calendars, or customize Impossible Possibilities for your company. We will print your company logo on the cover. Or if you'd like to make a dozen or so using your own photographs or art work, we can help you with that, as well.

If you are interested in producing your own calendars, or you're a designer working on calendar projects for your client, we are very happy to work with you to print the best looking calendar possible.  We can print up to A3-plus sizes, or as small as post card sizes.  Use your imagination and we'll help you put your ideas into print. Contact us for quantities and prices.  In the meantime, many thanks to our existing and future clients...and enjoy Impossible Possibilities 2009 – sure to make for a very happy and surreal New Year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Max Mulhern : American in London

London-based American artist Max Mulhern (and Lalande Digital Art Press client) is busy making pedestals these days when he is not writing for the formidable ART BLOG, Roberta Fallon and Libby Rossof's amazing art world net.  Max has produced a Duchampian boxed set of his pedestals (the Swiss pedestal unfolds like the famous army knife), with which he walks around London Town showing dealers.  He unveiled them in Philadelphia to Libby and Roberta (click here to read). 

"I've also made hundreds of drawings that reinvent the idea of sailing, floating and moving over water," says Mulhern.  "It's the narrative arc of my life as I become a boat."  In his studio there are text pieces like "FLOAT," and others of wood bits and people floating. 

The current project is to decapitate sculpture in a friendly and compelling way by pushing forward with the full range of possible pedestals, perhaps producing a functioning chess set or offering boxed sets. The idea behind the pedestals is a thrilling mixed metaphor about art and what keeps it afloat.

Ricardo Bloch : Maison Française

Ricardo's Lifescape books are featured in the January issue of Maison Française magazine. Please click on the image to enlarge it.  Lalande Digital Art Press works very closely with Ricardo for his custom made portraits of homes.  The books are full color, perfect bound and printed in quantities from 2 to 200.

Want to give a gift that will be unforgettable? A complete portrait of your house from the point of view of an artist-photographer.  Get in contact with Ricardo.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dog Art For The Holidays

Moira McLaughlin digs her dogs, and she's put together a range of dog art works for the holidays on her site, Dog Art Today. Here you will find a playful doggy bag, if you will, filled with delightful dauchshunds, dalmations and more of her dream dog art favorites.  Like what?  Like this sculpture, above, made entirely out of crayolas. It's not digital but we love it. "The Yellow Lab Crayon Dog sculpture by Herb Williams made of Crayolas," writes Moira. "OK, it's $18,000, but it's brilliant and it smells like your childhood.  From Vivre."

Check out Moira's online catalog and blog : Dream Dogs Art.